Saturday, July 01, 2006

Musical Saturday : Concert by the cubical

Rushing to work at Friday night. So unluckily there was an accident somewhere on the highway, but luckily I got to office on time to start the streaming for the trial that we're hosting.

Saturday Morning Madness. Got to office to do some work. Met Chris (Flooding Backyard), then we did some recording at office (Third Eye Blind - How's It Going To Be). Haha :)

After that, Jenny came and meet me at Chai Chee. We had lunch together and went to Simei because she wanted to get something for the Robos. We took bus to Bedok and then MRT to Simei.
I bought a pair of Yonex shoes. Got to prepare for the CCG (Intercompany Badminton Competition) in July. Haha.
Jenny was so happy when she saw the Pet Safari. We have been searching for quite sometimes for this store. And finally!
A kid in the store was showing us the latest collection of Hampster home. See how high tech the Hampster home is. Looks like one of those Startreck Spaceship.

Hampster's Jungle Rumba. This home must belong to some Rich M#$#%#$# Hampster. Haha. But it looks pretty awesome!


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